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We deliver high quality Japanese cards to all over the world with the best prices!!
Card prices fluctuate every day, depending on the market.
We check the market price every day and sell it with the best price possible !
You’ll realize that our prices are the cheapest,
the same costs as shopping in Japan!



Also, our cards are all made in  Japan
and printed using high quality Japanese printing technology
Sold from regular manufacturers .

It is Authentic with regular copyright
No Fake or Copy goods!!!

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Now, let's get a Japanese version with CHANPLOO.
It will make your deck more powerful, one of a kind,
and to lead you to the victory.

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Shipping fee Approximate delivery days
Asia ¥1,500 2 - 4 Days
Europe¥2,200 4 - 6 Days
North America / Oceania¥2,000 4 - 6 Days
South America / Africa¥2,500 4 - 6 Days

Maximum order quantity · · · 100 sheets
Additional fee will be generated if it exceeds 100 sheets.